That same spirit of transformation and community lights up BFT Battersea every weekend with CrewFit classes—turning routine workouts into thrilling team events.

CrewFit isn’t just another workout; it’s a high-energy festival of fitness. Each session at BFT Battersea encapsulates the essence of teamwork. You and your teammates will push through high-intensity cardio and dynamic exercises together, making each workout feel less like a solo chore and more like a collective triumph.

In every class, your crew’s encouragement fuels your drive. Whether sprinting, lifting, or jumping, you do it alongside people who not only share your goals but also boost your spirit. This supportive atmosphere builds both physical strength and deep, lasting bonds among all participants, echoing the strong community spirit we celebrated during the BFT challenge.

Every session buzzes with motivational music, enthusiastic coaching, and the infectious energy of the group. This vibrant setting not only makes the workouts effective but also extremely enjoyable (trust us, we have been members for the past few months).

So, why not boost your Saturday with high energy and great company? CrewFit at BFT Battersea mixes fun, fitness, and friendship into every session, celebrating the joy of achieving together. Join us and the BFT community and transform your fitness routine into the highlight of your week. Also, they currently have a trial offer where you only pay £27 for 7 days.

HYROX Training BFT Battersea

HYROX at BFT Battersea

We have joined forces with Europe’s largest fitness race HYROX, becoming the exclusive training centre for HYROX in Asia Pacific, and official HYROX training centres across Europe.